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Spotlight on Leadership

Leadership is an ever-evolving practice that changes with time and culture. This list of reads contain leadership wisdom that, I believe, paints a future for positive, democratic and effective leadership. I have made use of all of these texts to a greater or lesser degree, in the compiling of the course materials, and indeed these texts have had an effect on my own leadership over time. 

The list will grow as more texts come to light and as my personal leadership journey develops, I will share key bits of reading that you may enjoy as part of your journey. If you have any suggestions to add to this list post them on the Facebook group and I will be sure to add them to the list where I can. Happy reading!

AuthorTitleNature of text
Adam Grant (2021)Think AgainBook
Brene Brown (2021)Dare to LeadBook
Bruce Tuckman (1965)Developmental Sequence in Small GroupsPaper
Daniel Goleman (2000)Leadership that gets resultsBook
Jacob Morgan (2020)The Future LeaderBook
John Kotter (1996)Leading ChangeBook
John C. Maxwell (2018)Developing the Leader Within You 2.0Book
Jim Collins (2001)Good to GreatBook
Ken Blanchard (2010)Leading at a Higher LevelBook
Michael Fullan (2007)Intelligent LeadershipBook
Patrick Lencioni (2002)The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamBook
Rick MaurerResistance to change – Why it matters and what to do about itArticle
Robin Sharma (2010)The Leader Who Had No TitleBook
Susan Scott (2017)Fierce ConversationsBook
Susan Scott (2009)Fierce LeadershipBook
Will Ryan (2018)Dare to be DifferentBook